This year, The Visitor Industry Charity Walk will be held in all four counties on the same day: Saturday, August 20th. Kauai’s walk will be held at Vidinha Stadium, Oahu’s in Waikiki, Maui’s at War Memorial Sports Complex, and Hawaii Island’s at Waikoloa Beach Resort, Queen’s Marketplace. Mufi Hannemann, from the Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association, joined us today with all of the details on the upcoming Visitor Industry Charity Walks.

Mufi says, “This will be the first time in as long as I can remember that all four Charity Walks will be held at the same time, and the leadership teams in each county have planned amazing events for all participants.”

The Visitor Industry Charity Walk is one of the most fun and entertaining charity events in Hawaii. On Oahu, walkers will follow a course starting from Magic Island that will make its way through Waikiki and back to the starting line.

“This year, the walkers are going to be treated to two meals courtesy of our sponsors. Before they take to the course, they will be provided with breakfast courtesy of Aloha Harvest, an organization that has done amazing things throughout the pandemic and beyond. We were fortunate enough to partner with them on numerous food drives for furloughed hospitality workers and their families during the earliest days of the pandemic.”

To sign up for the walk or for more information, visit or contact the HLTA offices at (808) 923-0407 at any time.