Honolulu (KHON2) – The Ulu Pono Initiative and the City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services (DTS) talk various electric modes of transportation, including electric buses and e-bikes.  

On Saturday, September 24th “the Move Electric event” will introduce the community to many different ways of moving electricaly, whether it is with an electric vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle or scooter. 

“We will have vehicles from BMW of Honolulu and Arcimoto for people to test drive and Ebikes Hawaii will be bringing their electric products as well! For those wanting to learn more about driving electric vehicles, there will also be EV owners available to chat with and educational booths. We will be giving away a variety of prizes including a chance to win your own e-bike,” says Greg Gaug, Senior Vice President, Investments & Analytics at Ulupono Initiative.

According to Gaug, the movement of electrification transportation is important to the state and Hawaii’s counties. 

Gaug says, “Electrification provides clean transportation, which helps our state move closer towards reaching our state’s bold clean energy goals by 2045.  Clean transportation, such as e-bikes and electric vehicles, help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn helps mitigate climate change.”

As the state moves towards generating more of its electricity through renewable energy,  the City and County  of Honolulu will introduce more electric buses to roadways. 

The City and County of Honolulu is proud to have a fleet of 17 all electric buses. These buses are run on various routes for Oahu. They are quiet, smooth and have amazing acceleration, which all of our bus operatorslove. We are currently working to obtain 38 MORE electric buses to add to our fleet,” says Jon Nouchi, City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services.

According to Nouchi, Oahu has a huge network of bike lanes, and is currently working to connect the Leeward side bike path to the Honolulu network of bike protected bike lanes, all the way to UH Manoa. 

Nouchi says, “We were able to work with the state to put e-bikes in the classification of bicycles in the State’s Traffic Code, to allow riders to ride in bike lanes throughout Honolulu.DTS is always in support of alternate modes of transportation, besides the traditional motor vehicle, and are working to provide safer routes and methods to move people to their destinations.”

The “move electric” event will take place, Saturday, September 24th at Ka Makana Aliʻi. 

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City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services (DTS)

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