Teri Edmonds: If the Shoe Fits


The Shoe Lady Teri Edmonds joined the Living808 crew today to talk her small business “If the Shoe Fits”,

“I’m a cobbler, artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur. I own Maui’s only shoe repair and have provided specialty footwear for 17 years at my store in Kahului. My passion is art and I like to express my creativity by making custom shoes at my store. And, thanks to video marketing, I’m now producing on-line tutorials as well. Five years ago, I started providing on-line tutorials and shoe reviews on my YouTube channel, Teri Edmonds “Think Shoes.” I have always wanted my own show…a “cooking show for shoes” concept.  I was inspired by Julia Child and her bold independence.  She was able to bring value to her audience that allowed her to succeed as an artist as she aged. When I looked into video marketing on YouTube, I saw others making money at it.”

This online platform gives Teri one hundred percent control over the content she creates.  

It is free advertising for her store and custom designs and it allows her to create perpetual passive income with a single investment of time.

And YouTube has played a huge role in her business, 
“I collaborated with YouTuber Video Joe to create the first series of videos. Then I worked with artist and Techy friend David Whitney on three different projects: Yapping with Teri and Dave, The Secret Life of Shoes, Mad Libs.  These collaborations taught me more about production skills, lighting, storyboarding and editing. Then, I started using simple production tools like IMac Mini, Iphone and a ring light.  Exposure, both professionally and as an artist. It’s increased my shoe repair revenue from locals and mainland customers. It’s also given me the opportunity for passive, repeatable revenue
without tying up financial resources.  So far, I’ve produced 190 videos. My long-term YouTube goals are to do $2-4,000 monthly revenue.”

Edmonds will be speaking at the 3rd Annual Hawaii Small Business Conference coming up May 8th and 9th at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.  

For more information about the conference visit www.HawaiiSmall.Biz

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