Honolulu (KHON2) – The Massachusetts store manager nicknamed “Target Tori” is getting the last laugh on an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii stemming from the toothbrush incident that made her a viral sensation.

Tori became a household name, inspiring strangers to donate more than $31,000 to send her on a vacation after a disgruntled customer’s gripe about a mispriced toothbrush backfired in a big way.

As the story goes, the Oral B Pro 5000 electric toothbrush on the shelf had a displayed sale price of only one penny, but the actual retail price was $89.99.

When Tori Perrotti refused to sell it, the customer called police and ranted with a photo of Perrotti on social media.

What happened next shocked Target Tori.

Instead of becoming the victim of vicious memes, strangers sided with her and started a gofundme campaign to send her on vacation.

She’s living it up on her first ever trip to Hawaii, soaking up the sights, sound, and sun and posting bikini selfies.

She says the unexpected donations and response to her customer confrontation “restores her faith in people.”

Target Tori gave Living808 hosts Tannya Joaquin and John Veneri some friendly shopping etiquette tips and thanked everyone for embracing her with aloha after her sour retail experience.

You can follow Tori on twitter @therealtargettori and on facebook @toriperrotti