Tanioka’s Seafood and Catering is getting ready for Super Sunday.  For the first time in two years the retail portion of the store will be open, and they are expecting it to be busy according to general manager Tad Yamakawa.

“We will have special hours of operation on Super Bowl Sunday.  7 :30 am to 12 noon for Retail and pre paid curbside phone orders.  We anticipate it being very busy.  We encourage our customers to call our catering department to place their pre-paid order and to make use of our curbside pick up service.  It’s easy and convenient.   The parking lot will be busy but we will have overflow parking around the corner of 711 and along the canal.  We would also like to take this time to thank our customers who do endure the busy parking lot and long lines.  We definitely wouldn’t be here without them.”

And Tanioka’s has a few new items added to the menu you might want to check out.   Go online at taniokas.com or on social media @taniokas on IG and @TaniokasWaipahu on twitter.  And to order early by phone, call 808-671-3779