Lanell Rumion is a Talent Agent at CAA and when work brings her to Hawaii, it has a special meaning to her.

“While my job is bringing entertainment to the world, and I’ve had plenty adventures traveling internationally. It means so much to me,  from a little girl making leis in my aunties kitchen, to be bringing big acts to entertain thousands of people in Hawaii. And it makes me so proud to continue my family heritage by entertaining the people of the islands.”

And while she, like many of us, are looking forward to singers known worldwide coming to the island, she is particularly excited about the upcoming New Kids on the Block and TLC double concert in early August.

Lanell also has a special message for our keiki and young stars in the islands.

“Dare to dream. Reach for the stars. Carve out your own path, take risks, and work hard. Don’t settle. There is room for you – there is room for all of us – in the American dream. Don’t ever let the lack of representation in popular culture and the media hold you back. And always remember that there are multiple paths to success, wherever your dreams begin.”

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