Taking care of Puppies


Puppies are adorable and fun! They are also a lot of. Our friends from Dog Walker ETC. offers advice for puppies lovers and owners.  First, do your research when getting a puppy that it comes from a reputable place, or breeder.

You should be able to see and meet the puppies parents. Next, learn about your breed if you want a pure-bred. Each dog has unique traits that may make it a perfect match for you or your worst nightmare! And then prepare your home for a puppy by creating a space that the pup can sleep (crate, pen, etc). Puppies want to chew so be ready for that and puppy proof your home.

Dog owners think that taking their puppies for exercise is also a good thing but thats not necessarily the case. 

They suggest at 3 months, all vaccinations are recommended to be completed however don’t deprive your dog of socializing during this crucial time for forming manners. bring a friends dog over to your house.

Also crating a dog is percieved to be cruel but not during the early months, instead it’s crucial to learning when a potty break is allowed. 

To learn more visit http://dogwalkeretc.com and schedule your dog walking appointment.

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