Mohala Eyewear is the only inclusive eyewear brand with 3 nose bridge fits to create a perfect fit for every woman.  Ashley Johnson, CEO of Mohala Eyewear, joined us to talk about the inclusive brand, and summer sunglasses trends!  

Johnson says, “Most eyewear is made to fit one face shape leaving out millions of people.  It also causes the poor fitting pain points of glasses falling down the face, resting on cheeks or hitting lashes.  We have solved these problems with our 3 nose bridge fits and a special low nose bridge that has 100% more grip than the U.S. standard bridge. “ 

 The company also gives back in big ways. They partnered with Room to Read and donate one week of school to girls, for every pair of sunglasses sold.  So far, they have donated over 100 years of school, which will likely be lifechanging for many young girls.   

All Mohala sunglasses are polarized and at the price point of $169, are one of the most affordable polarized lines at Nordstrom.  

They continue to expand and are even launching prescription lenses on July 24th. They plan to have clear blue light blocking lenses, polarized sun lenses and non-polarized sun lenses, with five different lens choice options.  You can tune in to their IG Live on July 17th at 10am for the live launch at @mohalaeyewear. 

For more information and to get your own pair, visit