Honolulu (KHON2) – Travel today means masking up and wiping down surfaces. We asked Andrea Bernholtz of Swiminista for Savvy travel tips.

She showed off Chic Covid safe ways to travel including a Swiminista adjustable Chi multi purpose mask that can take you from your house to your final destination, while staying safe and yu can even wear it in multiple ways for times when you don’t have to be masked up.

She recommends for safe traveling through the airport and on the plane that you cover up with more than a mask. “I always wear a hoodie -I always carry Clorox wipes, I wipe everything down that come into contact with. I try not to touch anything and if I do I have hand sanitizer handy, I carry my own pen so filling out any forms I do not have to borrow, and as selfish as it sounds I do not lend it out. I carry a small trash bag so I have limited contact with flight attendants and I stay hydrated as well as bringing my own food or snacks.”

As for the lines and security at the airport? She says, “I obviously keep my distance and bring a tissue or wipe with me so I do not have to touch the bins, I try to travel light so I do not have to spend to much time in the security lines, I am TSA approved so I don’t have to take much out of my bag and expose myself to germs.”

Some of her favorite Covid Travel must haves? “Swiminista Face mask and when I want to spurge and smell wonderful, I use Loree Rodkins hand sanitizer, or I use Thieves Natural hand sanitizer and refill the bottle,” adds Bernholtz. “I always put a sarong down on the seat as well, there are cute ones in black and our Christian LaCroix collaboration, you know, always gotta be chic.”

To prepare for a trip, first she makes appointments with a Covid Concierge to come to the house and put all of their paperwork in order. “I make sure we have all of our travel documents prepared in advance for State of Hawaii Safe travel,” says Bernholtz. “It’s important to sit down with children and explain the importance to staying extra safe, and also explain how we are taking so many precautions so we will stay safe. Don’t touch things and especially don’t touch your face and wash hands frequently.”

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