Mohala Eyewear ‘Try Before You Buy’ Program


Mohala Eyewear designs sunglasses to fit all face shapes and every pair sends a girl to school.  Most eyewear in the U.S. is one size fits all and is designed to fit one face shape leaving out millions of women.  Women shared problems of sunglasses slide, resting on cheeks, hitting lashes and frames too tight on their faces. 

So Mohala Eyewear founder Ashley Johnson, studied eyewear in other countries and found the nose bridge design was different from the U.S. standard nose bridge.  Mohala, offers various nose bridges, widths and all frames are adjustable to create the perfect fit for each unique woman.

And the Try before you Buy program is taking off as well.  The biggest pain point of online shopping is a customer has to pay for something before they get to try it on.  Especially with sunglasses and clothing where women want to see how something fits on them before committing.  To solve this pain point Mohala partnered with the app BlackCart and offers customers the ability to try 3 frames for $10.  The customer selects three frames online for a value up to $600 checks out for $10.  They ship the frames to their home where they have five days to try it with their own wardrobe in the comforts of their home before making a decision.  Then they keep what works and ship back what doesn’t.  Super easy, risk free shopping. 

Mohala Eyewear and Allison Izu are two of the first brands in Hawaii to offer Try Before You Buy and Home Try On programs. 

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