Family owned and operated Iolani INC is changing directions.  A decision to drop it’s apparel line was not entirely made because of the pandemic shut-downs that have affected many small businesses, rather a decision that was set in motion years ago as a way to move forward, according to company President and CEO Llyod Kawakami.

“My parents started ʻIOLANI in 1953 as a way to make a living and take care of their family,” said Lloyd. “The business evolved over the years and we are very proud and grateful for our success, but the time has come for the next rebirth of ʻIOLANI for the next generation. We were already discussing making some changes even before the pandemic hit, but this past year really gave us the opportunity to move that to the front burner.”

‘IOLANI clothing has had loyal fans throughout Hawai‘i and around the world over the past seven decades, from former President Lyndon B. Johnson – who ordered several outfits for “Lady Bird” Johnson – and celebrities like Richard Burton, Burt Reynolds and legendary sumo star Takamiyama aka Jessie Kuhaulua in the 60s and 70s, to the stars of Hawai‘i Five-0 and Magnum P.I. today, and from national champion University of Hawai‘i Men’s Volleyball Coach Charlie Wade and his coaching staff to myriad businesses’ employees, Miss Aloha Hula and Hālau hula, and men, women and children who have loved ʻIOLANI apparel for work and play.

As part of the phase-out plan, ‘IOLANI has announced a “Mahalo Sale” of 25% off all their apparel and other merchandise, including clearance items, in store at 1234 Kona Street and online at, effective immediately.

Iolani INC will continue to support local business and artists so look forward to future announcements.