Hawaii’s Finest Clothing Shows Support For Its Hawaiian Culture Through Their Apparel


Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaiis Finest supports the people of Hawai’i through their clothing designs being one of the most recognizable Polynesian clothing lines in the world. 

Hawaii’s finest has been one of the most successful local business empires since it’s start in 2009. Since then, the company has dipped their feet in the realm of music, restaurants and apparel. 

“Hawaii’s Finest has expanded worldwide, and we have been on a journey to bring you our very best in local apparel and music. We thrive to represent and support all things Hawaii. Through hard work and the Aloha spirit, we promise to never give up or forget where we come from,” says, Hualani Obero-Zablan , Executive Assistant at Hawaii’s Finest Clothing

What started off as just a simple t-shirt design 10 years ago, has expanded to women’s apparel, bags, and even accessories it’s every day customer. 

Obero-Zablan says, “Hawaii’s Finest clothing celebrates traditional Hawaiian apparel with modern day style, with the idea of Hawaii heat in mind. We have over 10 featured collections that residents of our islands can choose from. It’s pretty cool to see our clothes everywhere!”

Shoppers can purchase Hawaii’s finest clothing online, in stores and in certain retailers across the state. 



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