Honolulu (KHON2) – Celebrity stylist Crystal Pancipanci shared some of her tricks of the trade, or beauty hacks to help you look your best.

Watch her latest Dear Panci segment to see her ‘Panci Style’ or PS Tips:

PS Tip #1: Use a stretched out elastic band to keep Sleeves on jackets, blazers and long sleeve tops pushed up all day long for an effortless, chic,  look.

PS Tip #2: Use a silk scarf when doing a quick outfit change and prevent makeup transfer or messing up your hair!  

PS Tip #3: Use a stretched out elastic band to create instant style with the Perfect T-shirt Tuck everytime.  Don’t worry about it budging or having to fix that shirt tuck all day! 

PS Tip #4: Pressed on time and have zero time for a manicure?  Get it  instantly done with Impress Nails press-on nails for that special event.  Crystal loves the no-glue IMPRESS brand that you can find at any drug store that you just stick on. If put on properly, your set can last for over a week! 

PS Tip #5: Double stick tape is a stylist’s best friend to prevent gapping between buttons on button-up  shirts or blouses  for a more clean flat placement.

Crystal is a regular contributor on Living808 who’s ready to help with any fashion or beauty challenge. If you have a beauty question, email DearPanci@khon2.com

“Dear Panci” is a bi-weekly recurring feature on Living808 in which viewers questions submit letters to Living 808 asking for advice from resident style guru Crystal Pancipanci. Letters which are selected for our show get on-air answers and become a launching pad for discussions about fashion and style that everyone can use.

Website: Pancistyle.com