Honolulu (KHON2) – Maui’s Nā Wai ʻEhā will be watching to see if their name will be called as a winner when the Regional Roots Category happens at 9am this Sunday, March 14th for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

The four-part harmonies by Nā Wai ʻEhā for their second album ‘Lovely Sunrise’ earned the talented two sets of Maui brothers their first Grammy nomination— which Living808 helped them celebrate with the help of Maui Divers Jewelry!

Living808 Host Tannya Joaquin travelled to Maui for a special delivery, custom medallions created by Maui Divers Jewelry to celebrate Nā Wai ʻEhā and their Grammy nomination, a continuation of Maui Divers’ commitment to local artists that began in 2020 with Grammy Nominees Amy Hanaialii, Kimie Miner, Imua Garza, Anuhea, and 2-time winner Kalani Pe’a.

“We started working with the team and discussing their logo and how to represent it and we designed two sets,” explains Executive Vice President Cole Slater. “One set out of mother of pearl and black coral, the other set out of turquoise and black coral representing the four waters., the watershed the boys are from.”

Kamalei, his brother Kamaehu, and brothers Gregory and Ed will wear their pieces with pride.

“It just means a lot,” says Gregory Juan. “Literally and spiritually and has a lot of meaning to it.”

Ed Juan adds, “The meaning behind it is very special, us and our purpose and the reason for our band and what we promote and we share with the world and we mahalo everyone.”

“Doesn’t get any better,” says Kamalei ­Kawa’a. “Maui boys, Maui group playing Maui music. being supported by Maui businesses. We’re so honored to take Maui and put it on national level and showcase all that Maui has to offer.”

Nā Wai ʻEhā  is up for Best “Regional Roots album’ for their throwback falsetto sound, inspired by the the Paradise Serenaders of the 70’s, a passion project for the quartet with Zachary Lum of Keauhou. 

The nomination still feels surreal, even with the events now just a couple days away. On Sunday, it will hit home when they watch the virtual Grammys from home— with both families.

Congratulations Nā Wai ʻEhā for for your grammy nomination— and mahalo to Maui Divers jewelry for celebrating local artists who are doing amazing things on a national stage!

Websites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSCyo8UXj9c