Style Expert, Crystal Panipanci Helps Living808 Viewer With DIY Halloween Makeup


Honolulu (KHON2) – Looking to add some final touches to your Halloween costume? Celebrity stylist, Crystal Pancipanci gives our viewers a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the “pancify” your Halloween look in our latest Dear Panci segment.

Crystal shows us how to do some easy do-it-yourself Halloween makeup to help elevate your social media game this Halloween season.

PANCI’S Pro Tip:

With everyone at home during the stay-at-home order, people are looking for ways to get the best bang out of their buck! Crystal recommends thinking of looks you can create with makeup you already own, and if you need to go out and buy, drug store products will do just fine. The NYX color pallet works perfectly for some fun Halloween looks.

Crystal teaches our viewers how to create a cute scarecrow look.

Step 1: Prep your face!

Start with a clean slate by washing your face, removing any excess oil and dirt. 

Then apply some eye cream under your eyes, and moisturizer all over your face. 

Step 2: Start With Your Brows

Take your eyebrow pencil, and start by brushing strokes upward into your eyebrows for a thicker and more dramatic look.

Then take some brow powder to further define your eyebrows.

Step 3: Eyelids

Using the NYX color palette, shade in the upper eyelid with a yellow or gold color.

Next, apply some red or orange using the same NYX color palette to the bottom eyelid.

Lastly, take a beauty blender brush and blend the edges all together.

Step 4: Add foundation

Crystal uses a Loreal “pro-glow” foundation in the color, caramel beige.

Tip: When blending your foundation, remember to always blend into your neck to help with a natural look.

Step 5: Contour

Crystal uses a Loreal foundation stick in a shade, a little darker than her skin tone.

Add lines along the hairline, middle of your cheeks, alongside the ridges of your nose, and bottom of your jawline.

Take your beauty blender, and blend the lines into your foundation, adding a depth to your look.

Then, take a tart shape applicator and apply to the bottom of your eyes, a line from the mid forehead to the tip of your nose alongside your cupid’s bow, and your mouth.

Take your beauty blender and blend the lines into your foundation. 

Finish your contour by using a baking powder and applying it to your upper and bottom cheeks, and under your eyes. Crystal uses a baking powder by Kylie Cosmetics.

Step 6: Eyelids

Using the same yellow used on your upper eyelid, take a beauty blender brush and apply the color right underneath your eyes.

Take your liquid black eyeliner, and it to your upper eyelids for a more defined look around your eyes. 

Tip: Using your beauty blender brush, apply a gray color to your bottom eyelids for a more smokey look.

Step 7: Lashes

Using your makeup pen, draw lashes under your eyes to make your eyes more wider.

Tip: Add fake lashes to your upper eyelids

Step 8: Cheeks

With the same red or orange color used to apply on the bottom eyelid, brush on circles to your cheekbones, allowing you to get a rosy look.

Take a highlighter and apply to your highpoints of your cheek for a shimmery look.

Step 9: Draw on your Scarecrow face!

Use your liquid eyeliner, and draw circle on the tip of your nose, lines from the corners of your mouth up to your mid ear, 

Tip: color in your nose with the same red or orange color used on your eyelids and cheeks.

Step 10: Lips

Add a subtle red or orange lip to bring your scarecrow makeup to life.

Step 11: Hair

Finish your scarecrow look, by teasing your hair for a textured and messy look. 

PRO TIP: Use flannel or plaid prints, with a straw hat to tie your scarecrow look all together!

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