Honolulu (KHON2) – Structural Systems Hawaii is helping homeowners with on-going repairs to retaining walls. 

For homeowners who are seeing major effects that drainage problems and storms can have on local properties, Structural Systems Hawaii offers repair and prevention services to help with any repairs they may have.

“Every storm season, the soils behind this wall get rained on and saturated, and because wet soils are 10 times heavier than dry soils, that puts a lot of extra load on these walls.  And that extra weight will push them over and cause them to lean and bow.  So this lower wall has failed and needs to be replaced, but we can’t tear it down yetbecause if we do, the upper wall that is supporting the pool can come collapsing down,” says Damien Enright, Owner and President  of Structural Systems Hawaii.

According to Enright, in order to work on the lower wall, the upper wall needs to be supported.

Enright says, “We have these tieback anchors that lock into the good rock material deep down and use all that strength to hold the upperwall back from leaning over.  Then to provide vertical support we installed micropiles straight down to the bedrock and right up against the wall to make sure the wall doesn’t sink vertically in the future.”

To learn more about the services offered by  Structural Systems Hawaii, customers can log onto their official website.

Structural Systems Hawaii 

Website: www.ssihawaii.com