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Stretch Into Success has a customized plan to help local break bad habits and get their resolutions back on track.

Laura Noel, Professional Development Consultant, told Living808 that you have to have clarity on what issues need work and then make a paradigm shift.

Noel describes a paradigm as part of “our subconscious mind which governs our habitual behavior.”

Most behavior is habitual and are paradigms are passed down from generation to generation, according to Noel.

She adds that “If we are really serious about creating permanent change in our lives, we have to get to the root cause of our results.”

She elaborated on two ways to change paradigms/deep rooted beliefs:  emotional impact or create a new paradigm belief that you want to adopt through repetition over a reasonable amount of time with the accountability of a coach or mentor.

Noel stresses you should “Get in the habit of thinking and making decisions like the person you want to become; like the person who has already achieved your goal.”

To help you start, Noel has a free PDF gift for viewers to start investigating beliefs and what changes need to be made.


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