Honolulu (KHON2) – Our latest Straight Talk segment with Hooko LLC addressed the power of saying No.

“At first glance, one would think that the choices of yes or no are simple.  However, there’s often more to it than that,” explains President/Co-Founder Rhesa Kaulia. “We have been conditioned to assume that a yes response is positive and a no response is negative, or that yes is good and no is bad.  We don’t want to appear rude, selfish or hurt someone, so we say yes.”

“It’s important to say no because it helps us establish clear boundaries in our lives,” stresses Edwina Reyes, Vice-President/Co-Founder. “It empowers us to make choices that are right for us, it helps us to avoid resentment & other negative feelings from building up over time, and it adds to our sense of self and self-worth/esteem.”

Kaulia adds, “The truth is, we have just as much right to say no as we do to say yes.  We have the right to have our own limits and boundaries and to revise standards that no longer serve us, that block us from being our authentic selves.  When we are selective, we are able to pour ourselves fully into things that we actually want to do, to do things that align with our value system.”

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