There is often an illusion that the household budget runs itself, that both people know what’s going on with the way the bills are being paid and where the money is being spent. Additionally, there are some couples that truly don’t want to talk about it, because doing so causes arguments and bad or hurt feelings.  Often people feel that this topic is better left alone and things left unsaid in order to “preserve” the relationship.  But nothing is further from the truth.

According to financial guru Dave Ramsey, money is the #1 issues that couples argue.  Additionally, 86% of couples who got married in the last five years, started out in debt.  Couples in healthy marriages are more likely to discuss money, including their dreams and setting goals together.  Further, on average, couples typically have $30K in consumer debt.  41% of those couples say that they argue about this debt and money in general.

Most couples don’t have a budget and so there is no prioritizing how the money will be spent.  Many folks are ill-informed about finances or don’t how how to manage or invest it.  Almost all of us bring into the relationship the things that we were taught about money as children, including cultural and gender ideas.  Many couples live beyond their means, so there is no financial reserve.

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