Straight Talk with Rhesa and Edwina: Holiday Traditions


Honolulu (KHON2) – The value of holiday traditions is the latest topic of Straight Talk with Rhesa and Edwina from Hooko.

“A tradition is a belief or behavior that gets passed down within a family, group, or society,” says Hooko Co-Founder Rhesa Kaulia. It has symbolic meaning or special significance generally rooted in the past.  Traditions are important because it tells a story about people and their families, for example, where they came from or what their ancestors experienced, or what their cultural or religious history is about.  It’s particularly important to pass traditions down at Christmastime so that children learn to respect and value who they are, and experience things that make their family unique.”

Co-Founder Edwina Reyes adds, “Traditions can be passed down in various ways, including through the use of storytelling and sharing, engaging in activities and experiences, traveling to sacred or special destinations, or passing down certain items from one generation to the next.  Some tips for doing this include explaining to children why certain beliefs or behaviors are important, setting time aside to talk about your family’s traditions, or having them participate in activities or making things.”

Some examples of traditions that can be passed down: Parents sharing about what they used to do as children during Christmastime, each person making or selecting an ornament for a Christmas tree, having the entire family volunteer to feed the homeless, each person be responsible for making a certain part of the Christmas dinner, each person share about the blessings they experienced all year, selecting movies or music that are meaningful to everyone, adopting a family in need.

According to Rhesa and Edwina, families decide to break with tradition and/or recreate new one when the family structure changes, for example there is a divorce or break in the family, when there are new family members to include, when there is a geographic move away from one’s family-of-origin; when the children move out-of-the house and don’t return home for Christmas.

To get more ideas about establishing traditions or if you are struggling with the idea of traditions in general, they recommend that you talk amongst your family members about reasons to maintain traditions.

Get ideas from friends or talk to a Therapist about your struggles. 

Hooko Counseling Center provides services for these types of situations. 

Often people don’t realize that counseling services are covered by most major health insurances.  If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Hooko at 808-375-7712.


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