Given social media, web platforms, and an expansive internet system, a consumer is presented with what appears to be endless options. Dr. Rhesa Kaulia and Edwina Reyes from Hoʻokō LLC gives us a ‘Straight Talk’ on when this becomes too much of a good thing.

“The freedom of choice and access to multiple options creates a strong allure for people.  Most of this has to do with convenience and access.  There is convenience in having information immediately at one’s fingertips, as well as immediate access to others who are not actually present,” explains Kaulia.  “Additionally, these options are often free.  A person may find all they are searching for without paying a cent.  These types of web-based options provide instant gratification, the likes of which are very hard to compete with.  On the flip side, these options can become problematic.  Sometimes this happens when more time is spent trying to decide what to do, and how to present oneself online, than is spent on taking care of actual responsibilities. Additionally, many people become overwhelmed with so many choices and experience a “choice paralysis” of sorts.  Whatever the case may be, sometimes having too many options becomes too much of a good thing.”               

Too many options comes an increase in indecisiveness and leads to second-guessing oneself.

“A person may develop an uncertainty around whether they have chosen the best option.  This process is extremely time consuming and can become exhausting.  Sometimes a person begins to place unrealistic expectations on themselves when they start comparing their life to someone else’s posted life,” explains Reyes.  “Additionally, this may lead to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety & depression, if a person determines his/her life is not as good as someone else’s.  They may continue to try to “keep up with the Joneses” without considering whether someone else’s posts or life is even realistic.  A person may also want to try to seek the approval of others who are online & say or post things to get likes or responses back. “

If you are feeling overwhelmed with choices and dealing with too much of a good thing, you should reset by unplugging for your devices and stay off them for a time. Another tip is to be selective about things you choose to like or comment on. And, be intentional about what you choose to spend time on.

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