Straight Talk: The Virtue of Courage


Do you struggle with standing up for yourself? Dr. Rhesa Kaulia and Edwina Reyes of Ho’okō LLC are here to give us a ‘straight talk’ about the character trait courage and what it means during a time like this. 

Most people associate courage with fearlessness or bravery.  However, being courageous is not necessarily synonymous with not being afraid.  Dr. Rhesa Kaulia explains how courage can be exhibited in many ways.

“It can be as simple as sharing one’s opinion with others, despite it not concurring with the masses, or popular opinion.  It can be setting boundaries to preserve one’s sanity, literally saying no.  It can be pursuing higher education when you have been out of school for years.  It can be moving across country to pursue another career or a better way of life.  It can look like standing up to a bully, or on a larger scale, speaking out against injustice or taking a stand against the infringement of our constitutional rights.”

Being courageous is a personal choice & is most often value-driven. Edwina Reyes provides examples of how people make the decision to be courageous.

“When people place a lot of stock in something, when it is valuable & desirable to them, they are often more willing to behave courageously.  Sometimes people are compelled to courageousness because someone or something they love would benefit from their courage.  An example of this is when civilians overtook a plane that was supposed to crash into the Pentagon on 9/11, rescuing hostages, braving life-threatening conditions to save the lives of others.”  

If you have questions about being courageous, Ho’okō LLC’s Counseling Center has therapists who are trained to address topics like this.  If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact their office at 808-375-7712 or visit them online at  Often people don’t realize that counseling services are covered by most major health insurances. 

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