Straight Talk: Being Reasonable during Christmas


On this edition of Straight Talk with Rhesa and Edwina, the ladies of Hooko LLC talk about being reasonable during Christmas.

“Christmas time has increasingly become a huge opportunity for commercialism.  We see Christmas decorations and sales starting much closer to Halloween and some advertisements cropping up throughout the year.  With this comes the pressure to ‘keep up with the Jones’ (to get and do all that others have and do) and the promotion of materialism (to obtain all that is advertised).  The problem with this is that the importance of the season gets lost amidst the hubbub and the activity of trying to acquire things.  Consequently, the values of spending quality time with family, or volunteering to help those less fortunate, or simply relishing in the blessings of the year, falls by the wayside.  This is detrimental for children as they learn that materialism is more important than other values.”

When asked about moving away from commercialism or materialism they had this to say,

“Make it a point to talk to and develop values and traditions with your children and family.  Be purposeful in setting aside time to give back to one’s family or the community, make a decision to limit the amounts of presents you will purchase for your children and agree on spending the money in other ways (like in travel or other experiences).  ”

They went on to say that one of the best gifts this season might not be unwrappable.  It’s the gift of time.

“First and foremost, the gift of time.  Select things to do together each day as Christmas draws near.  For example, take the children to cut the grass at an elderly neighbor’s house, make things to give to the neighbors or classmates, volunteer at a shelter or food bank, watch Christmas movies together, spend an afternoon making cookies and other Christmas treats, have family members write out ways that they have been blessed all year and talk about having an attitude of gratitude, play board games, commit to conversation that does not focus on what can be bought during the season.”

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