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Based on the popular novel by Christie Agatha, A Haunting in Venice follows novelist Ariadne Oliver convinces Poirot to attend a séance at the palazzo of opera singer Rowena Drake and help expose medium Joyce Reynolds as a fraud. Rowena has hired Joyce to help her commune with her daughter Alicia, who committed suicide one year earlier after her fiancé, chef Maxime Gerard, broke off their engagement.

“I want to say that I usually don’t like scary movies but this film was really good and I recommend it. Not only is this film a murder mystery, but it also has a supernatural element to it which takes the film’s storyline to another level. I went into this movie expecting it to be a good mystery movie and I walked out with something much more. Kenneth Barnagh and writer Michael Green did an amazing job with the writing and the cinematography was really well done,,” says Mikey Monis, Host of Living808.

“A lot of people are angry about it not being a “horror” movie but I do wanna remind everyone that Agatha Christie was a mystery author…in which the film is based on her novel Hallowe’en Party,” says Kiyralynn, Host and Producer of Hollywood First Look.

A Haunting in Venice is rated PG-13 and is now playing in theatres.

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