The most popular way to set up your financial future is through Roth IRA or 401K, but these come with limitations, including the higher income earner not being allowed to utilize the Roth option. 

Charlie Jewett from Renovating Retirement offers other tools to accomplish a tax free retirement.

But when it comes to “tax-free” income, how is it that IRS would allow this?

“The IRS has two ways to increase tax revenue: increase taxes or increase the amount of money people have to be taxed,” explained Jewett.

“These options increase the amount of money people have, which increases the amount they spend, thereby increasing tax revenue from sales tax.”

When deciding where to invest your money for retirement, Jewett suggests you look at it’s limitations.

Some have no income limits, but they do come with some health or medical qualifications.

These qualifications can be challenging, so you must find someone in the family to be medically qualified.

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