Today on Living808 we meet the newest member of the Haku collective, R and B sensation Izik.  In 2020, he won the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Alternative Album of the Year for Bougainvillea, and recently signed a recording contract to be with the Haku Collective.

“I’m also really excited to be working with Kimié Miner and Haku Collective for opportunities to share what Hawaii sounds like today with the world.”

Izik is also apart of the #8x8_shangrila_22 – A spectacular online exhibition of Hawai‘i artists responding to the theme of connection at Shangri La.

“I am so grateful and so honored to have been asked to be one of the eight performing artists in this exhibition. My response to the theme of connection manifests as two love songs I wrote to myself. An idea that came from one of my favorite conversations I had with one of my heroes, Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada. The Mughal Gallery provided a space of connection and private reflection for me, something very integral to my creative process. I create best when alone, unseen and unheard, able to make mistakes out of view. “

To follow Izik, visit or on social at @izikfamous