Aqua-Aston Hospitality is commemorating its 70th Anniversary year with a #ShareTheAloha celebration.

They’re using it’s 70-year legacy as an opportunity not to celebrate their milestones, but to celebrate the community by continuing to advocate for a number of causes that represent their core values as a company.

These include celebrating Hawaii’s host culture, supporting initiatives that embrace tolerance, equality and diversity and driving green business initiatives throughout their organization to help protect our natural environment. 

There are three components to their #ShareTheAloha celebration.

First, every Tuesday, they will be featuring one of the many Hawaii-based non-profits they support to raise public awareness about the good work they do in the community.

Second, they will be encouraging members of the public to participate by bestowing random acts of aloha to others in their lives.

For example, you can #ShareTheAloha by greeting someone you don’t know with a big smile, picking up a piece of rubbish that’s not yours, or by telling someone what you appreciate by them.

Finally, in the spirit of paying it forward, they will be asking the community to send their nominations of someone who embraces the spirit of aloha, demonstrates it in all that they do and inspires other to do the same.

In return, they will be giving away a number of free vacation nights to deserving members of our community. 

The #ShareTheAloha celebration officially kicks off on Tuesday, Nov. 27th.

Those interested are asked to follow them @aquaaston and use the hastag #ShareTheAloha.

More information on how to participate in this celebration will be announced soon on their website.

Also, Aqua-Aston Hospitality is excited to give their loyal customers who sign up for their A-List membership program early access to their sale, starting now, with a 25% discount on all rooms.

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