If you’re a Savvy Shopper and want to have some fun at Pearlridge Center, look no further than Tropics Mini Golf.  We spoke with owner Scott Beebe.

“I acquired the business in 2017.  After Jungle river closed down a new owner took over the facility. Cleaned it up, got it in good shape and reopened as Tropics mini golf. At the end of 2014.  In 2017 he was slightly profitable and was ready to so sell to move on.  I have always wanted a mini golf course business.  We offer annual individual and family priced passes.  Come play as often as you like for the whole year.  You only need to come play 3 ½ times to have the pass pay for itself.”

And while you are allowed to bring your own food, there are some great options for you on sight.

“We used to have the normal type of food for a place like this.  Hot Dogs, Nachos, chili dogs, fries, etc.  End of last year I decided to get rid of the carnival type food and start serving real food, texas bbq plate lunches.  I have been smoking meat for 13 years.  It took me a little while to hone my skill.  In my old neighborhood in Utah I used to smoke 1-2 cases once or twice a year to share with my neighbors. About 35 families.  They loved it. 

I smoke all the meat on site here at TMG.  We offer 1, 2, or 3 meet plate lunches complete with your choice of Brisket, Pulled Pork, or Pork Belly, rice and a side.  We also have sliders served on Hawaiian sweet taro rolls.  If you just want the meat we also sell it ala carte by the half pound.  The Mac salad and black beans are made from scratch in our kitchen.  We get lots of good feedback on our new food. The customers love it and we have regulars that come in just for the food, not for the golf.

I keep telling everyone it’s the best mainland BBQ on the island.  I regularly try the BBQ at other places.  I haven’t found a place that’s better yet.  1 or 2 may be almost as good.”

For more information visit, tropicsminigolf.com