Savvy Shopper: Tanoa

Savvy Shopper

In this edition of Savvy Shopper we visit Tanoa at Pearlridge Center.

Tanoa officially started in American Samoa around 2009.  They were clothing buyers among other things for Aaron’s family department store.  The constant difficulty was buying the sizes needed in the designs that Samoan customers wanted. That’s when they explored making their own garments.  They already knew graphic design and loved fashion, so when they dabbled in creating aloha shirts using Samoan designs to sell at the store in Samoa, they found that it sold well and the designers loved doing it.  They made the sizes customers needed, with authentic Samoan design, with prices that everyone could afford.  With all those elements in place, the customer became very loyal and from there, the brand grew.

Tanoa is Polynesian design with modern styling. They celebrate our heritage with prints inspired by the tatau (tattoo), elei (block printing), and the lifestyle of the islands around us.

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