Savvy Shopper: Myunh Rang Hot Dog Hawaii

Savvy Shopper

One of the places you’ll have to check out while at Pearlridge Center is Myung Rang Hot Dog Hawaii.

There are several unique things about Myung Rang’s hot dogs. They use a rice in the batter which helps make the texture crunchy on the outside, but light and moist of the inside. They also add a bit of sugar to the dog to give it a sweet and salty contrast. Customers can also opt for no sugar if they want to. There are 8 different hot dogs on the menu with a vegetarian friendly option as well.

And to top it off Myung Rang offers Korean beverages called the Sweet Rice Drink. There is also two additional food items that aren’t hot dogs: 1) Teokbokki (dukbokki) and 2) Gomuk Tang (fish cake soup)

For more information visit @myungranghotdoghawaii on Instagram

Myung Rang Hot Dog is located at 98-1005 Moanalua Road, Wai Makai, 2nd floor, next to Royal Hawaiian Heritage jewelry.

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