Savvy Shopper: KOROMO Katsu & Curry Bistro Open at Pearlridge Center

Savvy Shopper

Honolulu (KHON2) – Shoppers can try out a new restaurant at Pearlridge Center called KOROMO katsu & curry bistro.

KOROMO means Coating or Covering and refers to the crispy crunchy deep fried panko that surrounds the restaurant’s signature quality ingredients; Duroc Pork, Fresh Chicken, Fresh Oysters and Super Colossal Black Tiger Shrimp.

KOROMO’s Katsu is popular because of its panko, which is prepared fresh daily from large unsliced loaves of special Japanese Style Pullman loaves of bread using a special machine in Japan just to make the panko.  The cut and size makes all the difference in the world. 

Another important ingredient is the fresh finely sliced cabbage that requires a special machine from Japan that cuts the cabbage very fine. This creates a fluffy mound to cleanse the mouth and aids in digestion. Diners can enjoy all you can eat cabbage served with your choice of signature sesame ginger or miso garlic dressings.

“Our fresh chicken katsu is the top seller,” says Tom Jones, President of KOROMO Katsu & Curry Bistro. “It’s so tender, moist and flavorful. With the Tonkatsu a close second. Although many people enjoy the combinations which include Super Colossal Shrimp and Oyster Katsu too.  They are served with our house made Remoulade Sauce, which is like a slightly dill tartar sauce. This recipe is actually from the Chesapeake Bay where fried seafood is very popular. It’s goes great with our Ebi  and Kaki Fry. All of these entrees are served teishoku style with rice, soup, pickles and cabbage. They can also be served with our “Goldilocks” curry sauce which is Not too bland, Not too spicy, but JUST RIGHT!.”

Another hit is the Takuan Kimchee! Large disks of crunchy Takuan covered with not too hot kimchee seasoning. We serve that and fresh house made Tsukemono with every entree.

Side dishes include fresh katsuo dashi made daily for miso soup and cook Tamanohikari brand rice as well as a special blend of imported brown rice from Japan. “Our focus is on quality ingredients prepared fresh daily,” adds Jones. “All the Katsu are breaded to order by hand!”

KOROMO offers a nice selection of wine, sake and flavored sake, bottle beer and Asahi draft beer.


Seating Daily:
Mon – Sat 11am – 2pm & 5pm – 9pm
Sun 11am – 2pm & 4:30pm – 7pm

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