Savvy Shopper: Gomatei launches new noodle and beverage

Savvy Shopper

Goma Tei at Pearlridge Center has a noodle machine that was exclusively designed and made for them in Japan.  

According to Manager, Jenny Lu,  their management team flied multiple times to Japan over the last two years to work with their engineers on the machine.  

“It’s not only about the money and time we put in, there are a lot of hard work involved from our whole management team in this whole process, we even have engineers and noodle experts come in from Japan to help us set up the machine and make noodles when it first arrives,” says Lu.    

She adds, “now we are able to make our own noodles in house.”

The noodles Goma Tei serves at all their locations are freshly made in house daily. “We make our own ramen noodle, Udon noodle and gyoza skin,” says Lu.  

She says these new noodles are smoother, al dente and can pick up the soup flavor better.  

“We are looking for the perfect texture that when you bite it, it bounce back a little bit,” says Lu.  

“We are following the Japanese standards. We got our ramen recipe from Kagawa, so it’s Kagawa style and we got our udon recipe from the famous Udon city, Sanuki,” says Lu. 

Having their own machine allows Goma Tei to make specialty noodles.  

“We add real ingredients in the flour and our noodle machine can help lock the flavor in the dough,” says Lu. 

With all these specialty noodles, Goma Tei is launching their own noodle festival throughout the month of September.  

It’s called Goma Noodle Festival.  

“We’ll be serving truffle ramen and tomato ramen during the first week, Shrimp ramen the second week, porcini ramen the third week and scallop noodle and truffle ramen in the final week of September,” says Lu. 

All these specialty noodles will be available at all their locations. 

Goma Tei also just launched their house special milk tea and lemon ice tea at all their locations (except Ward).  

“We make them from scratch. We mix 8 different types of tea leaves for the milk tea and 4 different type of tea leaves for the lemon ice tea and we also brew our ground tea leaves in a traditional tea pot in-house,” says Lu.               

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