Satohap Pain Relief


Runners are stocking up on a popular pain reliever ahead of this weekend’s Hapalua Half Marathon.

The line is called Satohap and Oliver Julian, Store Manager at the Kaheka Street Don Quijote showed us the various products to help with aches and pains.

The Satohap series is temporary relief for back and muscular aches and pains that come in spray and plaster sheet or “patch” form in two sizes that can be used before, during, and after running.

The Satohap spray is popular with runners because it is easy to carry and apply.

Satohap also released new products in February that have a numbing effect with Lidocaine.

These new additions are in green packaging and they’re available in Lidocaine lotion form with a roller application or Lidocaine cream..

Lidocaine is the most common ingredient known local anesthetic in the world.

Lidocaine suppresses the signal of the feeling of pain.

It was a bestseller at the 2018 Honolulu Marathon Expo.

The green series are unscented products and can last 8 hours.

You can find the Satohap special display in the back of the Kaheka Don Quijote beside the pharmacy.


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