Rogue Wave Compostable Beach Toys Created by Kailua Mom Kate Reimann


Honolulu (KHON2) – Kailua mom Kate Reimann has created compostable beach toys called Rogue Wave Toys as an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic products sold to the masses.

She made her first Rogue Wave certified compostable beach toys using plastic made from plants, not petroleum with a 3D printer and is looking to ramp up production.

Kate was inspired to make the compostable beach toys after a trip to the beach with her boys. “We were at the beach with our boys three years ago and my son was playing with conventional plastic beach toys. A wave came up and washed his toys out into the ocean, and I scrambled to bring them all back onshore – I didn’t want to contribute to our plastic pollution problem! But when I got them all out of the ocean and looked up and down the beach, I realized plastic was everywhere – not just in our beach toys. And that was my light bulb moment. I knew I had to make a better product using better material.”

She explains the problem this way, “Conventional plastic, traditionally used in beach toys, breaks apart, but it doesn’t disappear,” adds the passionate mom turned ecopreneur. “It’s why we find so many tiny pieces of it on our beaches here in Oahu, and it’s why marine life is dying from confusing microplastics for food. When you’re done with our compostable beach toys, you can toss them into your yard waste bin, and they’ll compost alongside our coconut husks and banana leaves and other yard waste, back into earth. Our beach toys will compost back into soil when you’re done with them, leaving no toxic residue, and no micro-plastics, behind.”

Conventional plastic is made from oil, which needs to be extracted and then refined, and those processes, says Kate, are among the top 5 green-house gas emitters in the US. 

She adds, “Plastic never disappears, it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, and leaches toxins into our earth and into our ocean, and it’s showing up in our food and our drinking water.”

Rogue Wave is only making beach toys right now, and are the only ones doing it, but we are selling the Rogue Wave line of material so that anyone who wants to make a product has access to better materials. 

In her words, “We have an opportunity here to change the way we make and buy products – we have an opportunity to make better products using better materials for our kids, our ocean, and this planet. And we really don’t have any time to waste.”

You can preorder Rogue Wave Toys’ compostable beach toys on Kate’s website.

You can also follow Rogue Wave Toys on Instagram and Facebook for updates.   


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