Honolulu (KHON2) – Revolusun offers the Battery Bonus program, which is designed to get more solar and storage systems onto the grid.

With the recent closing of a coal power plant, Revolusun is helping Hawaii residents and businesses save money by switching over to their battery bonus program.

“We have helped over 10,000 homeowners and businesses separate themselves from those high electricity costs. Secondly,  While the news is historic and received national attention, the coal plant shutdown was scheduled some years back and there were projects and programs put in place to address the closure. And last, let’s not forget that the coal power plant was one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases,” Eric Carlson, President and CEO of Revolusun.

According to Carlson, customers can save a significant amount of money that homeowners can receive toward a battery, in which the battery bonus program helps both new and existing solar customers.

Carlson says, “Both new and existing solar customers can participate and This is what is really exciting about this program and how we are going to really accelerate our clean energy goals! Right now as we speak, There are tens of thousands of NEM systems out there producing solar electricity. And for the first time since NEM was closed in 2015, they can expand their systems and add batteries without jeopardizing their NEM. By adding batteries to those systems, two things happen: First, the grouping of those systems makes for a more resilient grid. Secondly, the individual homeowner now gets peace of mind with battery storage.”

New and existing Revolusun customers can visit in person at their Kakaako location or visit their website revolusun.com.


Website: revolusun.com

Phone: 808-748-8888

Address: 660 Ala Moana Blvd.

Honolulu, HI 96813