RevoluSun Smart Home: Skylight do more than bring light into you home


There is a huge difference between manual and our remote controlled skylights, and RevoluSun is your one stop shop for the best skylights in Hawaii.  We look at a home that has 12 foot vaulted ceilings and a manual articulating skylight. The ceiling is open beam which means there is no insulation to keep heat out of your living space. The skylight is also an acrylic dome so there is nothing to keep the heat and UV rays from entering through the skylight into the living space.  The heat builds up at the ceiling and starts to radiate down into the living space making it warmer. Many people are familiar with skylights like that and that’s why they don’t want them.

RevoluSun’s Velux remote-controlled solar-powered skylight addresses all of these drawbacks. First, instead of acrylic, it’s made of a low-E double paned glass.  There’s argon gas between the two panes that repels 98% of the UV and about 65% of the heat from even entering the home.  With its remote control, you can open and close them with a push of a button.  If you forget, there’s even a rain sensor and they’ll close themselves when it starts to rain.

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