We’re kicking off another Renovating Retirement series for the month of December.

This month it’s all about gifts for the holidays by sharing knowledge that can change your future.

The first gift Charlie Jewett from Renovating Retirement wants to give is clarity on the stock market.

“The gift I want to give our viewers is that the stock market is not the only tool available to them and is certainly not the best tool for retirees,” explains Jewett. 

The stock market did very well for the last 30 years leading up to the year 2000.

Many people got used to using it and made more money than they could in other tools.

From 200 to now it has not done that well and have earned more interest.

Jewett believes its a very dangerous way to take retirement income so that’s why he doesn’t recommend it.

So what other tools are available?

There are always three basic tool competing: bank products like CDs, securities like stocks, bonds, etc. and insurance products.

Different tools work better depending on what phase of life you are in.

Most of Jewett’s clients choose annuities for the guaranteed income and insurance contracts for tax free income because the stock market provides non-guaranteed taxable income.

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