The conventional wisdom used to be that when stocks go up, bonds go down.

But since the crash and 2008 financial crisis, the two have been reacting to market conditions in a far less correlated manner.

As a result, stocks and bonds are no longer necessarily the best choice for long term retirement accounts or the predictable safe harbor they once were.

“Stocks and bonds are no longer necessary,” says Charlie Jewett, Renovating Retirement.

“You can get better growth, security, and income with strategies that don’t stick you in a portfolio of stocks and bonds.”

Jewett says that although advisors don’t get paid quite as much using alternate investment strategies, these strategies can often be better and safer solutions for retirement investing, offering greater returns with less risk.

Renovating Retirement offers online training for investors to help them understand their choices, take control of their money and shape their future.

“You’re either going to get guaranteed income for life, or you’re going to provide guaranteed income to an advisor. “, explains Jewett,

“The choice is yours, we’ll help educate you on how to choose.”