Should you manage your own money or should you hire a money manager?

Managing your own portfolio may seem complicated, but Charlie Jewett from Renovating Retirement believes that with the right tools people can build a financial blueprint that they can understand and rely on without a professional money manager. 

So what exactly is a money manager?

A money manager is a financial professional that manages various investments and portfolios.

In return for a fee, a money manager develops investment strategies and buys and sells securities on behalf of their client. 

Instead of hiring a money manager, Charlie Jewett from Renovating Retirement suggests you look at independent fiduciaries who are legally and ethically required to put your best interests before their own. 

While most investors would assume their advisors are doing that, non-fiduciary advisors sometimes sell what’s best for them instead of their clients.

“Independent fiduciaries are not addicted to the stock market,” explained Jewett.

“They will show you all of your actual options instead of just charge you and fee to roll the dice for you.”

If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future, start with building your financial blueprint at