Remember My Name: Lenore Mollison aka “Lenore The Shredder”


The YouTube Channel “Remember My Name You’ll Be Seeing It” introduces us to Lenore Mollison, better known as “Lenore The Shredder.”

Lenore is a young female guitar shredder who attends Myron B. Thompson Academy , lives in Waianae and is fourteen years old. 

Lenore made her shredding debut on The Steve Harvey Show, and plays various venues around the island. 

“My parents have a rule for me and my siblings,” explains Lenore. “We had to pick one instrument and dedicate one year to that instrument. We were not allowed to give up until the year was complete. After twelve months, if we chose to quit, we could walk away from the instrument. At age six, I chose the guitar and never looked back. I practiced every day and that practice got me to The Steve Harvey Show.”

Rylee Brooke Kamahele brought Lenore to play for us on Living808.

Lenore is inspired by Van Halen, Kirk Hammett, Slash, and Joan Jett, who she calls “The Queen of Rock.”

She credits her teachers, Aaron Carey from Kailua Music School, and Tommy Osuna.

She looks forward to performing this summer in Chengdu China with Johnny Kai from Brown Bags To Stardom.

You can follow Lenore and hear more of her music on Instagram.

Her IG name is Lenore The Shredder

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