Real Housewives of Toronto Star Ann Kaplan Talks Trash & New Book


Real Housewives of Toronto Star Ann Kaplan dropped by Living808 to talk about her new book, “How to be Successful In Spite of Yourself.”

She dressed for the occasion, in a belted trash bag with a visual demonstration of the power of throwing out the “garbage” that’s holding you back- including exes, junk food, etc.

In her book, she describes  “Six Principles Of Success” 

1. LIVE YOUR PURPOSE – Try not to become a person of success, but of value.

2. EAT WITH A PURPOSE – Your diet can be the most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison.

3. YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE – There are no limits – you must go beyond them.

4. SMART IS THE NEW SEXY – The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

5. MARRY WELL, REALLY, REALLY WELL – Carefully consider the person you choose as a partner. He or she can make or break your happiness.

6. MONEY MATTERS – Why it’s OK to become rich, But money is only a tool.
She states that Psychologists say there are only five types of people in the world, but she says that we can boil it down, in the simplest terms, to just three:

The “If Only’s” This type waits for success to magically appear. They think, I’ll be happy when . . . and never truly are.

The Doers: The second type of people are those who create their own opportunities for success. They envision where they want to be and take deliberate steps to achieve their goals-every day. This type of person is a “doer.” They are accountable for their actions and their decisions, and they get the job done.The Third Type

The third is really an amped-up version of the second-the doer who steps it up a notch. The doer who thinks big, takes risks, focuses their efforts, and commits to relentlessly, single-mindedly, wholeheartedly pursuing their goals. 

What inspired Kaplan to write this book?

In her words, “I do many, many talks and my talks in front of women of different organizations. Women come up to me and they say “Well, I’m 28 years old and I really want to do this career, but my boyfriend wants to get married. I’m thinking I want to have kids, when do I have kids?” I tell them, you can do it all and you shouldn’t be giving up anything just because you want to get married or have kids. So, I decided to do the book to answer those questions because I am a wife, a mother and a businesswoman and I didn’t realize that that’s unusual. The more I gave talks; the more people would ask how I do it. Women want careers. They want to get over a bad marriage, they want to get over not being married. They want to get over these unusual expectations that we’re supposed to have: a husband, 2 kids, a car, a house and patio furniture by a certain time. And if they don’t have these things by a certain time they feel like they didn’t achieve this preconceived goal that they had made for themselves because that’s what they expected. So, this book speaks at how to get through all those self-imposed expectations and find your success.”

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