Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Clinics


The 39th Annual Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Camp/ Skills Sessions starts next week and there are still spots open. 

Camps / Skill Sessions
Camps 1-4 are open to all boys and girls from grades 4-12 as of Fall 2019.

Skill specific sessions are open to all boys and girls from grades 7-12 as of Fall 2019.

You will practice with players within the same age and skill level with an emphasis on
individual training; you will get the attention needed to improve!

BEGINNING PLAYERS – You will learn and practice the basic skills: setting, passing,
spiking, digging and serving. There will be daily warm-up drills, individual technique,
and introduction to team play.

INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS – In this group you will concentrate on more advanced
development and refinement of your skills, plus an introduction to team offense and

ADVANCED PLAYERS – As an advanced player, you will receive top level instruction
and training sessions are designed to challenge you and focus closely on your
personal development.

Camps ($200)
Camp 1: June 10-13, 2019 (1-5PM)
Camp 2: July 9-12, 2019 (1-5PM)
Camp 3: July 15-18, 2019 (1-5PM)
Camp 4: July 22-25, 2019 (1-5PM)
Skills Sessions ($160)
Libero Camp 1: July 11-12, 2019 (8-10AM)
Libero Camp 2: July 17-18, 2019 (10AM-12PM)
Setter Camp 1: July 11-12, 2019 (10AM-12PM)
Setter Camp 2: July 22-23, 2019 (8-10AM)
Hitter Camp 1: July 17-18, 2019 (8-10AM)
Hitter Camp 2: July 22-23, 2019 (10AM-12PM)

WHERE: Stan Sheriff Center, Gym 2, Klum Gym (Check-in at Stan Sheriff Center
Security Entrance)

Camp Features:
– Camp T-Shirt
– Low coach-to-camper ratio
– Special individual skill sessions for all positions
– Fundamentals and strategies of team play
– Team tournament competition

Season tickets can be purchased online (HawaiiAthletics.com), at the Stan Sheriff Center
Box Office (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) or by calling 944-BOWS (2697)
during the same hours.

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