Project Empower, a division of RevoluSun known for its commendable support for organizations like Sustainable Coastlines and Surfrider Foundation, is making a monumental leap. It’s transitioning from an internal community service initiative into a fully-fledged 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Kelly went out to Revolusun to find out the details from John Cheever, the Director of Project Empower.

John shared that the inspiration behind their significant shift comes from the wildfires on Maui and the relief efforts they demanded. Recognizing that the scale of help required is beyond what RevoluSun can solely fund, Project Empower seeks to create a clear avenue for individuals to contribute confidently. It’s a new beginning with a focus on its strengths, aimed at accelerating the rebuilding efforts of local communities.

The Three Pillars of Project Empower

Project Empower’s mission is underpinned by three core pillars:

1. Rapid Response: Immediate assistance through the deployment of essential services like solar, battery, and AC systems, ensuring quick recovery for affected communities.

2. Workforce Development: Within a year, the aim is to provide job opportunities for those affected by disasters, contributing to long-term community sustainability.

3. Rebuilding: Over the course of three to five years, Project Empower envisions not just physical reconstruction but also community resilience planning to better withstand future disasters.

The group’s vision extends beyond immediate disaster relief. They intend to establish a self-sustaining “rapid response/resilience fund.” This fund will enable swift responses to various natural disasters without the need for constant individual fundraising efforts. It’s a forward-looking approach to address the growing frequency of natural disasters due to climate change.

One of Project Empower’s current commitments is to raise funds for solar, batteries, and HVAC for Ohana Hope Village, Kahului, Maui. This master-planned community aims to house between 250-270 people across 80 different housing arrangements.

For those interested in joining Project Empower’s mission, visit to make tax-deductible donations. Sign up for their weekly update newsletters to see how donations are being put to use, and stay updated on their Instagram account, @projectempowerbyrev. You can also find more information on their projects and organization on the RevoluSun website under the “About Us” section.