Honolulu (KHON2) – In a bid to support career development and address the demand for specialized skills within the Department of Defense (DoD), the Pacific Intelligence Innovation Initiative (P3I) has emerged as a vital program fostering pathways, internships, and training programs aimed at transitioning individuals into the intelligence, IT, cybersecurity, electronic warfare, and data science sectors in Hawai’i. The initiative, led by the Hawai‘i Defense Alliance and backed by the Hawai‘i Congressional Delegation, has gained traction by focusing on the critical need to nurture career pathways and introduce specialized accreditations for prospective professionals and students aspiring to work within the local companies and DoD. Today, we heard from representatives Kawailani Luat and Jason Chung, who shed light on the initiative’s significance and the opportunities it offers to local residents seeking fulfilling career prospects without having to leave the islands.

Kawailani Luat, a Native Hawaiian and recent college graduate, highlighted the challenges she faced in seeking opportunities that allowed her to stay in Hawai‘i due to the high cost of living. She expressed how P3I has alleviated her concerns by presenting numerous opportunities for students like her, ensuring that they can leverage their skills effectively and sustain a career while remaining in their home state.

Jason Chung, emphasizing the core objectives of P3I, described the initiative as not merely about job creation but about building sturdy career pathways, introducing new certificate programs, and offering extensive internship opportunities. He stressed the initiative’s crucial role in fulfilling the growing demand for intelligence, IT, cybersecurity, and data science professionals within the DoD. Chung pointed out that fostering local talent not only keeps skilled individuals in the state but also enhances the readiness and resilience of Hawai‘i’s defense sector.

P3I, a program catering to emerging industries and workforce demands, is an essential gateway for individuals seeking employment within the military service components in Hawai‘i. Chung explained that these opportunities are not limited to active or retired military personnel but also encompass civilian roles across various departments and organizations within the state.

To learn more about the Pacific Intelligence Innovation Initiative and its efforts, individuals can visit Hawai‘iP3I.org, a resource hub managed by the Hawai‘i Defense Alliance.