June 1st starts hurricane season for all of us here in Hawaii.  While we hope our island state is spared from any major storms, it is so important that we begin to prepare and get ready just in case anything happens. Damien Enright president of Structural Systems joined Living808 to help guide us through that process and tell us everything homeowners should know. 

Some of the advice he gave was for weather events that could lead to flooding. “With hurricanes and storms come a lot of rain, so we want to look at how the water flows.  Does your home have a gutter system, they are very very important to divert water away from your home and foundation. If it doesn’t invest in one right away.  Then, once its installed, make sure it is cleared out and flowing.  It would not be good if your system was clogged with debris that caused the rain to just spill over the top of the gutter. Then most importantly, don’t allow the gutters to shoot all that water out right next to your house, lets hook up the black flexible pipers that are usually available at Home Depot and attach them to each downspout to get the water 10’ to 20’ out from your home.  Make sure your yard is allowing the water to flow away from your house.”

There is not one perfect solution to protecting your house during a storm, but rather its layer upon layer of overlapping strategies that provide safety measures and hopefully minimize damage. To get in touch with Structural Systems and learn more on those strategies, visit ssihawaii.com or call (808) 845-2474.