Honolulu (KHON2) – Kakaʻako’s newest cat hotel, Pounce Hawaii opens its doors to cat owners looking to house their furry friends while being away. 

Pounce Hawaii is Oahu’s newest, unique luxury cat-only boarding facility offering full-service cat grooming, cat supplies, and an off-site location for Hawaiian Humane Society kitten adoptions. 

“Our luxury cat hotel is the only spacious, cage-free, clean, and home-away-from-home boarding facility for cats on the island of Oahu. In fact, there are few around the world that offer private hotel suites sized this large for a cat. We have strict and thorough cleaning protocols that keep the hotel a “hotel” and not a smelly or infested space. We have an entire team of Feline Care Specialists that care for each cat’s individual needs throughout the day, in the privacy and safety of their own hotel suite. Each suite is the size of a walk-in closet, with 8-foot walls, open ceiling concept, has a glass door for viewing, has cubbies, bedding, toys and platforms placed on the walls for cats to have vertical space as well. We provide filtered water and a chemical-free organic cat litter. Each cat has the opportunity on a daily basis to look out of their glass window at our traveling birdcage for visual stimulation as well as “paw-sitive playtime” with our Feline Care Specialists,” Erin Weiman, Co-Owner of Pounce Hawaii. 

In addition to boarding accommodations, Pounce Hawaii offers a full cat grooming service. 

“We uniquely consider the well-being and stress level of the cat first and foremost. We always have two groomers handling the cat during the entire grooming appointment, as cats do require more of a delicate and specialized handling than dogs. We offer full bathing packages which include brushing, bubble bath, nail trim, face cleaning, ear cleaning, blow-outs,” says Boretta Lim, Co-Owner of Pounce Hawaii.

Those looking to hang out with cats provided by the Hawaiian Humane Society can do so in Pounce Hawaii’s cat lounge, which also offers guests the opportunity to adopt.

Weiman says, “Our lounge is accessible by appointment only, and it includes a 75-minute play session with all of the adoptable cats! Whether you’re looking to adopt or just spend playtime with sweet kittens, it is a fun time.”

To learn more about the services provided by Pounce Hawaii, guests can do so via their official website. 

Website: www.pouncehawaii.com 

Social Media Handles: @pouncehawaii