Popular Products for Honolulu Marathon – Satohap & Yunker Energy


Honolulu (KHON2) – In the week leading up to the Honolulu Marathon, runners are stocking up on popular products by Satohap and Yunker.

Don Quijote Store Manager Oliver Julian showed us top picks for the Marathon and for surviving cold and flu season.

The number one Energy drink in Japan is called Yunker Energy.

It’s an energy drink with a lot of herbs and no caffeine that’s made by Sato Pharmaceutical to improve blood circulation and increase metabolism.

There are 3 types of Yunker that have different levels of strength.

When you feel like you are catching a cold, Super Grand is described as a natural medicine.

Yunker Energy is more like daily supplement to give you energy and the Super Grand is good if you feel you’re catching a cold before the marathon and don’t want it to get worse.

The Satohap series is popular with local customers for pain relief.

It comes in the original Satohap series and also a Lidocaine series.

Before the marathon, runners can spray the Satohap spray on their legs and shoulders to prevent muscle pain. The spray is convenient to carry during the race as well because it’s slim.

There’s a lotion type as well.

After the marathon, the Lidocaine series works to relieve pain.

You can find Satohap in the pharmacy section at Don Quijote.

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