Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Holidays


Thomas Hanns of the Hawaiian Humane Society wants to remind everyone that our fur-babies also need to be taken care of during this holiday season and has some great safety tips for pets.

“There are many hazards this time of year. For example, lots of families may have leftovers that can be bad for your pet’s health. You should keep pets away from faux Christmas trees, tinsel, bows/ribbons, ornaments and decorative lights. We have also heard numerous reports of early firework usage. Fireworks can scare pets into running away and putting themselves in dangerous situations.”

Here are some tips that can help keep your pet safer this holiday season.

  • One way to prevent accidents is not to leave your pet unaccompanied. Keeping your pet away from any decorated spaces also helps.
  • Unplugging any lights and putting away unused decorations can also prevent accidents. Don’t leave poinsettias and other toxic plants where pets can get them.
  • Making sure your pet has fun activities to do other than playing with holiday decorations.
  • Don’t leave your pet outside unaccompanied. Leaving pets out alone may cause them to panic during fireworks and possibly run away.

But if a pet runs away Hanns has this tip too.

“The best way to help get your pet home is to ensure that they have proper identification. Owned cats and dogs on Oahu are required by law to be microchipped. It is also highly recommended that your pet has a collar with a tag identifying your contact information, such as a phone number.”

And you’ve lost a pet you can file a report by calling 356-2228 or fill one out at

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