Kalihi Pet Center Provides a Variety of Small Animals


Honolulu (KHON2) – The Kalihi Pet Center is offering a variety of small animals to those looking to expand their family.

Located in City Square of Kalihi, The Kalihi Pet Center provides a wide range of animals from puppies, reptiles and small animals. 

“We have a great selection of small animals. From rabbits, exoctic chinchillas, and on occasion mice and rats. Just like our bigger animals, our small animals are locally bred and not imported,” says Brent Chung, Manager of Kalihi Pet Center. 

With a huge selection of small animals to choose from, Kalihi Pet Center offers a variety of fishes, something Chung feels provides easy care for families with a busy schedule. 

Chung says,”We have a great selection of fishes and aquatic plants. We have many different species of tetras, barbs, cichlids, goldfish, and koi just to name a few. Although we do have a majority of our fishes imported, we have a good number of local breeders as well.”

With a lot of people working from home, Chung feels that families or individuals should consider adding a pet to their household, as it helps reduce stress and loneliness. 

“Purchasing a small animal is a great option, prices are not high and they still offer the same benefit as far as stress reduction,” says Chung. 

The Kalihi Pet Center is located in the City Square Shopping Center and is open daily.




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