Pet Appreciation Week talks pet treats with the Hawaii Doggie Bakery


There are so many things that Pet Owners can do to show their dogs they care – take them to the beach or on a hike, bring them along to a dog-friendly restaurant, or give them a fresh baked treat from us, Hawaii Doggie Bakery!  

A furtastic way to show your dog you appreciate them is to celebrate their special day – their Birthday!

Hawaii Doggie Bakery helps Pet Parents celebrate all the time, whether it’s a small party for 1 or a big celebration with their furry friends.

They have everything from Paw-ty Cakes, Birthday favors and even Dog Wine and Beer to toast their special day.  

HDB has items like Doggie Bentos, Chicken-n-poi Biscuits and Huli Chicken Roll Over Rolls and all of the treats are made fresh using as many local ingredients as possible and no salt, butter, sugar or preservatives.


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